On the Road Again

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After just 2 months in our first rental home in Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica it was time to move on.  This was a short term arrangement (and over budget) just to give us time to land and get settled before finding something more permanent.

It was a short stay – November and December – and it rained almost the entire time, but I met some amazing people here and was very welcomed by the community.  The area around Lake Arenal and the popular tourist center of La Fortuna is incredibly beautiful with the lake vistas, beautiful sunsets, lush greenery and rolling mountainous terrain.

Rental home in Nuevo Arenal

Where to next?

I considered heading to the coast since I LOVE the ocean but I wasn’t sure how the dogs would handle the heat and humidity.  They are Canadian pups, after all 🙂

I also liked the idea of being in a central area so I could plan trips to either coast.  And of course the climate is perfect – no heat or air conditioning needed.

I settled on Grecia, only 25 minutes from the Juan Santamaría airport and 1.5 hours to the Pacific coast, where I found an affordable 2 bedroom long term rental with the help of Johnny Lara from Lapa Realty Group.

Moving Day

Finally the day came and it was time to hit the road and travel the 3 hours to our next home.

I called upon the same driver, Jorge Luis Perez Gutiérrez, who had taken us from the Adventure Inn to Nuevo Arenal on our arrival. I knew that he had a vehicle large enough to handle the 3 dog kennels and all the luggage, and he is a super friendly and hospitable guy.

Turismo van


The kennels, totes and suitcases had now grown to include bags of dog food, toilet paper, laundry detergent and of course my food!

More stuff!


I felt bad for the dogs.  I hated to move them again so soon but they were like seasoned pros, hopping up into their kennels as if to say…

“Where to next, Mom?  We’re ready!”

Dogs ready to go!


The fit in the van was a bit tight and there wasn’t much air circulation with the van doors closed, but Jorge put the air conditioning on for them and before we knew it we arrived in Grecia.

This home is in a large gated Tico (as Costa Ricans call themselves) community called Condominios Montezuma with great walking paths, a small off-leash dog park, swimming pools, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor gym and a clubhouse with a restaurant. While not as scenic as a home in a rural area, it provides 24 hour security and plenty of amenities.

The next chapter

As soon as we arrived I began to unpack and settle in, excited for this next chapter.

The pups had other priorities…


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